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His videos have over 130,000,000 views; they have aided countless students and trainees through a wide variety of exams. Tons of followers rely on him as a pioneer in social networks when it comes to mathematics and on his journey towards “digital education”. This makes Daniel Jung the most successful online educator worldwide. He is a developer of online and offline course systems and at the same time a bestselling author in the field of mathematics scripts.

Daniel was born in Remscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia in 1981 and he still lives there. He has always been interested in education (especially mathematics as a basis for promising jobs) and how to convey it in an interesting way. With his experience in mathematics at the University of Wuppertal as well as his studies in sports at the German Sports University Cologne and above all his self-study via YouTube, Daniel has devoted himself to the development of companies and concepts in the field of learning and teaching in the age of digitisation.

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During his studies, Daniel started to integrate the medium “YouTube” into his educational mission as the founder of a regional company for tutoring. He replaced the usual films and episodes of up to 90 minutes of video time (as usual on YouTube) with small explanatory sequences with a maximum length of five minutes and his only presentation medium to date, the whiteboard. This was the birth of the successful model.

More than 2,200 explanatory videos were produced in countless hours of shooting. This corresponds to a total run time of almost 12,000 minutes or 200 hours, which could also be viewed non-stop in a good eight days. All of this sorted by playlists and search terms.

However, it was not and still is not the masses that were decisive, but the way in which Daniel can present things, some of them complex, in a simple way. A maximized learning success that takes pupils, students, trainees and experts through almost every exam. This should remain so, because one of his declared goals is to redefine the subject of mathematics and to convey to the individual the importance and fun of this elementary field. With this expertise, Daniel is involved in other start-ups and companies.

Furthermore, he shares his know-how at lectures at schools, universities and company events.


The Daniel Jung Academy is dedicated to business and social media coaching. With its headquarters in Cologne, this is the platform from which Daniel and his team are transmitting the educational mission and visions to the economy and the higher education system.

This is accompanied by a large number of own posts in social media, countless thank-you messages from users and by their own camera team for the VLOGS on their training trip.

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