Globalization and digitization stand for New Work. A change that inevitably changes the way we learn. As an industrial society evolves into a knowledge society, we offer companies new approaches and future-proof training methods, so that learning with the help of digital technologies becomes decentralised and independent of time.

“Let’s rock Mathe” – With this slogan, Daniel Jung has rendered mathematics simple once more for an entire generation which has for long been considered as a topic of agony. His short explanatory videos have not only achieved absolute iconic status, but they have also earned him the title of educational engineer and math rock star.

Motivating by imparting knowledge. Today’s visions of digital education as an everyday life to come. Teaching and learning in the age of the digitisation. Job recruiting for the future or education of the masses thanks to social media. These are just a few of the topics on which Daniel Jung likes to lecture on and be invited as a keynote speaker.

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